Thomson Reuters REDI®

EMS Trading Solution

Thomson Reuters REDI®

The power of our REDI technology is within its tools, which help to make trading simpler through execution, workflow, analytics and compliance solutions.

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Sophisticated execution tools

The comprehensive REDI EMS supports the trading of listed equity, option or future globally, as well as advanced execution tools like portfolio and spread trading.

  • Single stock trading – Trade single stocks with ease using intuitive execution capabilities
  • Portfolio trading – Execute global, multi-asset portfolios across multiple counterparties
  • Spread trading – Implement a broad range of strategies, including ratio, risk arbitrage and relative price
  • Options trading – Trade equity options, option spreads and options on futures globally
  • Futures trading – Execute nearly any listed future globally across multiple brokers

Workflow tools

Through integrations with more than 20 prime brokers and clearing firms, REDI’s basic suite of order management capabilities helps support users throughout the trade lifecycle.

  • Order and ticket staging – Create and manage parent orders in REDI, or leverage our integration network to receive parent orders from partner systems
  • Position management – Easily load your start-of-day position files and use quick filters to view by asset class, notional value, account and P&L
  • Locate management – Submit and view status of all requests and the real-time inventory of approved locates
  • Allocation and commission tools – Allocate equities or options transactions between accounts via the allocation engine while leveraging user-defined commission schedules
  • End-of-day files – drop executed trade files seamlessly to any of the 20+ prime brokers and clearing firms in REDI’s growing network


REDI Analytics is a powerful suite of tools for tracking and analyzing order and execution performance, both during and after the trade.

  • Advanced – Leverage Trade Informatics’ 10+ years of analytics experience and rich data sets to analyze your equity trades across 80 markets globally
  • Powerful – Analyze and compare your traders as well as your brokers’ algorithms to determine the best and worst performers
  • Venue analysis – Determine the destinations (both lit and dark) where you received fills post-trade and analyze venues by reversion, block vs. non-block fills and provide vs. take liquidity
  • Order analytics – Analyze your orders intra-trade versus a variety of benchmarks, including VWAP, indices or custom measurements
  • Real-time performance monitoring – View a real-time graphical breakdown of execution venue and liquidity flags for a given order, allowing you to view fills by exchange, average price and providing/taking information

Compliance tools

REDI’s suite of compliance facilitation tools offers a robust, cost-effective solution capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of market participants.

  • Risk Manager – Utilize dozens of trading rules based on symbol, exposure, P&L, liquidity or security triggers that block offending trades at the point of order entry, before they are routed to a broker for execution
  • Automatic Order Marker – Split US equities sell orders into Sell Long and Sell Short orders based on the net position of the securities in a defined trading aggregation unit
  • Anti-crossing – Prevents users within the same supervisory group from crossing Futures orders with each other, providing either a hard or soft block as defined by the administrator
  • OATS reporting – Combines order audit trail feeds from multiple third-party platforms (EMS, OMS or proprietary systems) from across your organization and submits a single, consolidated report to FINRA
  • Custom reports – Customizable Daily Trade Blotter, User and Custom Account reporting tools