Thomson Reuters REDI®

The powerful execution management system

Thomson Reuters REDI®

REDI is an award-winning execution management system (EMS) that brings advanced, broker-neutral, multi-asset trade execution to the buy side.

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Gain your competitive trading edge

As a trader, you’re faced with a number of challenges such as the pressure to lower costs and the relentless shift towards automation. You also need to find that competitive edge to stay ahead. An end-to-end trading solution for your pre-trade, trade and post-trade requirements can now be a reality.

To help you trade smarter, faster and more efficiently, Thomson Reuters offers you an open and powerful trading platform, so you can choose the right solution for your trading workflow.

Thomson Reuters REDI offers multi-asset trading functionality, powerful workflow and compliance tools, and rich analytics via desktop application, cloud, or API.

With Thomson Reuters award-winning execution management system, REDI, you have access to advanced capabilities across a wide range of asset classes.

Trade equities, futures and options with over 200 brokers in more than 80 countries, all on one interface that provides you with:

  • Portfolio and spread trading
  • Charting, workflow and compliance tools
  • Perspective analytics and insights on your orders

REDI is an award-winning execution management system

An EMS is a trading tool used by the buy-side trader to intelligently route orders to the sell-side and execution venues. It is leveraged by the buy-side trader to manage the increasing electronification of financial markets. REDI EMS provides advanced trading functionality and the ability to transact across multiple asset classes from a single front-end.

Thomson Reuters REDI

With Eikon
Thomson Reuters next-generation financial markets desktop has content running alongside REDI. Access open and powerful pre-trade capabilities which give you access to a growing suite of trader-focused apps and premier content derived from natural language search
With Eikon Messenger
Connect with a community of over 300,000 verified financial professionals across more than 30,000 firms in 180 countries, and share text, live data, charts and analytics, and collaborate with your network from a single platform
With the Thomson Reuters Autex suite
This includes the Autex IOI network and Advertised Trades Apps, as well as Autex Trade Route (ATR), one of the world’s largest FIX order routing networks handling order flow of over 40 billion shares per day
With Thomson Reuters Elektron
Elektron delivers low-latency feeds from over 400 exchange-traded and OTC markets, along with analytics, distribution platforms and transactional connectivity to support financial workflow applications, including the Thomson Reuters Eikon desktop. As a REDI user, when you subscribe to Eikon, this combination will potentially eliminate any duplicate market data costs that you may otherwise be paying

Content and features

Open design

Reach more counterparties in more countries.  Access over 200 execution brokers, many of the major prime brokers and clearing firms, as well as 650 brokers on Autex Trade Route.

Global, multi-asset coverage

Execute equities, options and futures in over 80 countries around the world from one single platform.


A modular architecture lets you tailor the platform to meet your specific workflow, and flexes and scales as your needs change. Set your own hot keys, link windows, create alerts and signals, and more.

Comprehensive, end-to-end coverage

Manage the entire trade lifecycle using our pre-trade analytics, sophisticated execution tools and post-trade processing capabilities.


Implement a wide array of strategies using an advanced suite of tools, including Spread Trader, Portfolio Trader, Risk Manager, Trading Analytics, and more.

Dedicated support

Follow-the-sun support from product experts in major financial hubs worldwide, each bringing deep understanding of electronic trading and global market structures.

Access and services

  • Connectivity – select from a range of options (Internet, Cross-Connects, VPN) to connect to REDI
  • Third-party integration – full STP integration via FIX to major OMS and EMS systems
  • Software Development kit /API – plug in your applications via REDI's open architecture and tap our vast and diverse user base
  • Self-service tools – setup tool allows redistributing brokers to administer users (e.g. create new accounts, enable market data, and more)
  • Best-in-class support – client coverage by seasoned electronic trading professionals
  • Autex Trade Route – connect to a network of more than 600 brokers and venues over one of the world's largest FIX order routing networks handling order flow of over 40 billion shares a day

REDI is an award winning execution management system

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