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Benefit from our trade notifications and transactions reporting tools as you connect seamlessly and singularly with counterparties around the globe.

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Open to all trading, clearing and settlement players, Thomson Reuters Trade Notification connects you with counterparties all around the world. In an increasingly complex and regulated market, it gives you a single connection, guaranteed delivery and global customer support.

Industry-wide standards cover all major message formats and every key instrument – from FX and commodities, spots, and derivatives, through fixed income instruments to loans, futures, and swaps. Through Trade Notification, our reporting tools radically improve transparency and powers genuine STP.

Content and features

One connection

A single, simple connection for all trade notifications from all counterparties. One click to affirm voice trades. One message format – however the trade was originated.

Real-time STP and transparent trades

Capture trades quickly and accurately and improve settlement performance. A single connection makes reconciliation easier.

Robust compliance

Automated settlement cuts errors and brings down cost. A consolidated audit trail makes compliance easier.

Guaranteed and supported

Trade Notification is a secure, global service with guaranteed delivery of messages. It is fully supported by Thomson Reuters in more than 100 countries.


Markets and industries

Foreign exchange

Thomson Reuters Trade Notification - connecting trading, clearing and settlement players with their counterparties all around the world.

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Trade Notification

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