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FXall's Settlement Center is an automated post-trade processing platform, connecting clients to over 180 of the largest banks and a network of custodians, correspondent banks and brokers. It creates confirmations, matches trades, determines settlement paths, manages complex settlement instructions, generates settlement netting payments and delivers third-party notifications.

Settlement Center fully integrates with FXall Trading for a complete, secure end-to-end execution and settlement workflow solution. Alternatively, it may be implemented on a standalone basis.

Leverage our solution to reduce your fixed costs, manage and maintain your connections and simplify your workflow.

Content and features

Minimize operational and counterparty risk

Manage confirmation processes, monitor exceptions, and identify the best settlement path through Settlement Center's defined rules. Automatically enrich trades using our complete SSI database.

Confidently monitor notifications

Monitor real-time transmission of deal data, observe audit trails, and drill down to see complete SWIFT message details. Review process performance by counterparty and customize user configurations.

Build trust with control and compliance

Our focus on best practice makes it easy for clients to be compliant with corporate governance and accounting regulations, as well as foreign exchange guidelines.

Adapted to suit your needs

Our complete workflow solution encompasses both pre-and post-trade to maximize the level of straight-through processing and simplify your settlement processes - allowing you to focus on trading and exception management.

Markets and industries

Foreign exchange

Reduce your fixed costs, manage and maintain your connections and simplify your workflow with FXall's Settlement Center, the automated post-trade processing platform.

Settlement Center

FXall’s post-trade processing platform

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