Deal Tracker

Capturing every FX trade deal on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world.

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Thomson Reuters Deal Tracker offers a suite of tools for monitoring and processing every FX trade on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world, from the front to the back office. Take control of your conversational deals, confirmed tickets and post-trade notifications before, during and after trading.

  • Pre-trade – automatically capture call statistics and review conversations to examine current dealing activity across your FX business, globally
  • Trade – monitor trading activity in real time and track your net position
  • Post-trade – consolidate all your post-trade feeds into a single stream so you can check for discrepancies early and build an archive for easy querying and compliance.

Content and features

HQ view

See all calls and conversations, up to 60 terminals, from a single screen.

Powerful trade search engine

Capture all conversations, confirmed and matched tickets and store up to 10 years of historical data – a vital compliance resource. Protect valuable conversations with auto-recovery backup.

Trade booking verification

Verify your bookings across all platforms and portals with intuitive web-based processing and reconciliation.

Assess details

Compare and agree details with your risk management systems: authorize ticketed trades or instruct traders to amend.

End-of-day reports

Create end-of-day reports for analysis by currency, counterparty, broker or trader. Identify deals not booked with the risk management system before close of business.

Markets and industries

Foreign exchange

Monitor and process every FX trade on every major foreign exchange platform around the world, from the front to the back office, with Thomson Reuters Deal Tracker.

Deal Tracker

Monitor and process every FX trade

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