FXall: one solution for all your trading

FX trade execution

FXall: one solution for all your trading

FXall has brought together the tools to let you trade the way you want, when you want, with access to the most diverse pools of liquidity.

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A state-of-the-art request for stream service from our market makers.

QuickTrade delivers fast, automated prices from FXall's market makers straight to your desktop, meaning even the largest transactions can be executed in seconds – simply log in and select the currency pairs you would like to trade.

  • Trade spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs and options on one platform
  • Connect to the top FX market makers from over 180 FXall providers 
  • Send multi-bank RFQs for improved pricing and efficiency 
  • Highlight best prices and easily view price differences
  • Access regulated venues and off-venue liquidity through one interface 
  • Review deal log and audit trail for full transaction history

Resting and Algorithmic Orders

Access your banks' resting and algorithmic order capabilities on FXall.

As part of our mission to be the conflict-free partner of choice, FXall offers seamless access to bank-specific order capabilities. Route limit, stop loss and proprietary algorithmic orders to your bank destinations of choice.

Resting orders

  • Leave limit, stop and stop limit orders with your banks to be executed when the market reaches specified levels
  • Use one interface and a single STP integration to access all your primary liquidity venues
  • Receive email or text alerts when your order is filled

Algorithmic orders

  • Access market leading bank execution strategies and test multiple algorithms within one platform via your existing FXall connections
  • Minimize market impact while accessing liquidity available via your provider's liquidity pools
  • Take control of your trading execution risk without changing your operational process by leveraging your direct bank relationship – no need for prime broker settlement
  • Customize parameters such as execution style, triggers, limits and time in force

Benchmark Fixings

Submit orders for execution at a fixed price by your market makers and process FX transactions based on fund requirements/rules.

  • Get an accurate reflection of the market execution time through independent auditable FX rates
  • Complete trades without manual keying to reduce errors and save time
FXall Price Stream

Price Stream

Streaming real-time quotes from the market makers you select.

  • Continuous spot prices from all the market makers of your choice
  • Fully disclosed
  • Smart pricing provides you with the best full amount price from Price Stream or Order Book
  • Supports round and odd trade lots
  • Multiple advanced order types to suit your needs

Order Book

An anonymous ECN with advanced order types.

  • Multiple order types – diverse, sophisticated order types help you make smarter decisions, faster, and simplify your trading execution
  • Trade in a trusted, neutral environment – FXall never acts as a principal in the market, so we never compete with you for liquidity
  • Streamline and improve your workflow – flexible, industry leading transaction workflow solutions are embedded in our trading platform
  • Proven high performance technology – FXall’s market-leading technology lets you trade with the market, not behind it
FXall Order Book

FXall provides choice in FX trade execution to meet client needs

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