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Thomson Reuters FXall

The world’s leading electronic trading platform with a broad suite of tools, FXall gives you the edge, with desktop access to everything you need to make the best trades.

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Over 1,700 institutional clients and 160 market makers have made FXall the platform of choice for good reason. It gives you a clear competitive edge.

We deliver expertise, resources, commitment and neutrality in a single intuitive platform.

You have ready access to liquidity in all market conditions, with low latency streaming prices for over 500 currency pairs.

The platform maximizes your client-bank relationship. You can make direct trades to the market maker of your choice, and easily access their proprietary products.

Active traders, asset managers, corporate treasurers, banks, broker-dealers and prime brokers around the globe trust FXall at every stage of their workflow.

Make better trades across the globe, all the while controlling costs, minimizing errors and maintaining strict compliance controls.

Content and features

Independent and conflict-free

We don’t trade as a principal, so we always put your interests first. Our mission is to provide all market participants with the most liquid, efficient and transparent foreign exchange venue possible.

More liquidity from more sources

With over 1,700 buy-side clients and over 160 market makers, FXall offers the deepest source of liquidity in the market. You get streaming prices for over 500 currency pairs, with minimum latency.

Collaborate with your bank

Our platform is structured to maximize benefits of the client-bank relationship. Direct trades to the market maker of your choice, access proprietary products, and collaborate one-on-one in real-time.

Take command of your workflow

Our trade workflow solutions help you control costs, minimize errors, and meet today’s rigorous control and compliance demands.

Trade with the best-practice leader

FXall is a recognized best-practice leader, at every step of the trade lifecycle.

Markets and industries

Foreign exchange

Giving its clients the edge with workflow management and straight-through processing, FXall’s market-leading technology lets you trade with the market, not behind it.

Thomson Reuters FXall

A leading FX electronic trading platform

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