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Thomson Reuters Electronic Trading

Comprehensive foreign exchange and money markets electronic trading – the right platform for building a full electronic sales channel.

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Electronic Trading: the flexible and comprehensive solution (0:49)


In today’s evolving FX markets, banks need flexible trading platforms and tools that provide control over electronic pricing, distribution and hedging to meet the growing demands of their client base and improve internal efficiency through automation.

With Thomson Reuters Electronic Trading, over 200 banks across 80 countries globally are already benefiting from a turnkey, next-generation e-commerce trading platform.

Accessible via Thomson Reuters innovative new FX desktop application, FX Trading, Electronic Trading offers a powerful suite of e-commerce products to shape, configure and automate FX prices to customers while streamlining risk management.

Content and features

White-label front end

Hosted e-commerce white-label solutions enable liquidity providers to price clients directly through a variety of distribution channels while maintaining brand presence.

Price making

Automate FX price generation with data from over 2,000 interbank and broker data sources.


Aggregation and smart order routing logic for agency, risk and warehouse based execution.

Limit order management

Customer limit order management tools.

Markets and industries

Foreign exchange

Thomson Reuters is the leading provider of trading and analysis platforms for foreign exchange markets.

Thomson Reuters Electronic Trading

A full electronic trading solution

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