Thomson Reuters Dealing

A peer-to-peer conversational trading system, available through FX Trading, that connects you with the largest, most established FX and money market community in the world.

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FX trading with trade matching and dealing


Available through FX Trading, Thomson Reuters Dealing is the largest global institutional foreign exchange trading community with over 4,000 organizations and 14,000 users in more than 120 countries around the world.

Dealing facilitates bi-lateral trade negotiation in FX and money market instruments with counterparty discovery, conversation analysis, ticket generation, straight-through processing and trade history.

Content and features

Counterparty discovery

Dealing counterparty and desk directory enables you to find counterparties with ease.

Bi-lateral trade negotiation

Conversation analysis functionality automates trade ticket generation.

Straight-through processing

Automated post-trade processes through Thomson Reuters Trade Notification and Deal Tracker streamline workflow and reduce errors.

Turnkey desktop solution

Direct access within FX Trading, Thomson Reuters innovative new FX desktop application.

Markets and industries

Foreign Exchange

Thomson Reuters is the leading provider of trading and analysis platforms for foreign exchange markets.

Thomson Reuters Dealing

The industry standard trading system

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