Quantitative investment strategies and solutions

Thomson Reuters QA Point

A cloud-based platform for backtesting systematic investment models that allows professional investors to introduce cutting edge quantitative research and analytics to fund management. You don't need to be a highly skilled developer or 'quant' to take advantage of advanced quantitative investment strategies and data science.

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Introducing Thomson Reuters QA Point (2:24)


QA Point simplifies workflows, making it easy to construct, validate, and deploy multi-factor quantitative investment strategies – in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional quant tools.

With QA Point you can:

  • Explore and visualize financial data
  • Construct dynamic universes and screen stocks
  • Create unique custom factors
  • Build complex multi-factor models
  • Test and analyze historical performance of factor models
  • Generate factor scores for individual securities
  • Collaborate and share models effortlessly

Your role

How does QA Point help you?

Chief Investment Officer or Director Of Research
Add a sophisticated Quantitative overlay without the upfront costs and time required to hire a Quant or team of Quants
Portfolio Manager
Easily construct, validate, and deploy multi-factor investment strategies
Long/Short Hedge Funds
Allow firms to rapidly perform backtesting across a wide range of economic and market conditions - without the heavy lifting on data preparation and integration
Index Provider
Intuitive, powerful way to test different factor combinations in order to create new Smart Beta benchmarks

...Is anyone upset that you made this so easy?... My mother could drive this!...It is 40 to 50x faster!...

Partner, Large Hedge Fund

Content and features

Broad and deep content

QA Point delivers a huge range of Thomson Reuters and third party market data integrated into one global, standardized database with rigorous symbology mapping to remove the pain of data management.

You get industry leading content such as Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S, Worldscope, and StarMine value-added analytics and stock selection models. We also give you transparency into the underlying inputs so you can employ StarMine stock selection factors in your models with confidence.

Intuitive 'point and click' interface

Simply point and click to build universes, run models and backtest in seconds - not weeks.

No need to manage data

QA Point integrates and delivers a huge range of market data including pricing, indices, fundamentals, and estimates into a global, standardized database with a unified symbology. This gives you direct access to best-of-breed content without the pain of data management.


You can easily share models, universes, notebooks and more with other members of research team. QA Point speeds the process of idea promotion and feedback within the research team.

Flexible access

QA Point is a cloud-based application so you get up and running super fast. There is no software install so you save time and eliminate the ongoing maintenance costs associated with deployed solutions.

QA Point offers complete flexibility, enabling users to access the solution using a web browser regardless of location or the device you use.

QA Point

Significantly improve quantitative investment strategies with pre-built data mapping and intuitive multi-factor model building

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