Private Equity and Venture Capital

Content, analytical tools and mobile applications for private equity and venture capital professionals. From raising funds, generating deal flow and analyzing transactions to monitoring portfolio companies and analyzing private equity fund performance.

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Private equity data is available through Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Eikon includes over 40 years of daily updated history covering 22,000+ private equity and venture capital firms, funds and portfolio companies around the world.

The content and capabilities are powered by VentureXpert, the premier source for comprehensive information on this market. It also provides analytics on disbursements, as well as companies, firms and funds in the market.

Content and features

Powerful content

Access detailed profiles of 22,000+ private equity/venture capital firms.

  • 51,000+ funds that date back to the 1970s
  • Investment activity information for over 292,000 investments, with round date, amount and participating investments
  • Comprehensive profiles for 133,000+ currently and formerly PE/VC backed companies, including company descriptions, key facts and officers/directors; current and historical investors; and investment round details

Industry-leading deals and league tables

Our private equity offering complements our industry-leading Deals and League Tables coverage.

Thomson Reuters Deals data allows you to monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning within any region, asset class or industry vertical with flexible levels of granularity.

  • Mergers and acquisitions: over 1,100,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to present, including 350,000+ US-target and 750,000+ non-US-target transactions
  • Debt capital markets: over 900,000 bond deals since the 1960s, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues
  • Equity capital markets: over 300,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, and convertible bonds since the 1970s

Actionable intelligence

  • Identify potential sponsors for sell-side M&A transactions or follow-on rounds
  • Determine the best partners, co-investors or buyers for an exit strategy
  • Uncover candidates that may be ripe for a merger, acquisition or divestiture while you create customized transaction and statistical investment and company reports

Cambridge Associates Benchmarks Calculator

This add-in delivers the full range and depth of additional data modes, report types and fund criteria options to perform a more powerful, customized private equity benchmark analysis.

  • Access preliminary performance data several weeks before final benchmarks are published for the quarter
  • Compare private equity performance to public indices easily and efficiently using the Cambridge Associates Public Market Equivalent (mPME), Direct Alpha and K&S PME

Natural-language search

  • Find news, charts, deals information, research reports and analytics quickly with Eikon’s natural-language search
  • Stay informed and maintain productivity both in the office and offline with our mobile solutions, designed for seamless connectivity to global markets on breaking news, pricing, rich charts and actionable alerts

Eikon - Private equity data and venture capital solutions

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