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As the task of predicting future price movements becomes more complex, Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers the complete package for successful metals trading.

From news to analysis, from fundamentals to forecasts, Eikon brings together all the relevant information you need in a single intuitive desktop.

It’s a combination that gives you unique market insight – more relevant information in more usable forms, more quickly – delivered via the industry’s most intuitive and flexible user interface.

Grasp exactly where the market is and where it is likely to go – and act with confidence.

Content and features

Breaking Reuters News

With 230 specialist commodities reporters you will receive exclusive and timely stories that impact prices. That extends to political and macroeconomic news that also affects the metals markets.

GFMS research and forecasts

Independent analysis and research from the GFMS analyst team at Thomson Reuters. GFMS Research & Forecasts on Eikon provides independent analysis and primary on-the-ground research by continuously refreshing information and using sophisticated proprietary modelling to analyse and assess the fundamentals of the precious and base metals sectors and their stakeholders – a vital element with respect to KY3P considerations.

Exclusive fundamentals database

A consolidated set of current and historical metals supply and demand data, as well as forecasts, giving you a deep insight into both the physical and futures markets.

Interactive Map

A visual representation of the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact prices. You can see infrastructure, vessel movements, weather events and other factors on the map.

Global base metals and precious metals forums

These market-specific forums (moderated by Reuters News editors) combine the top stories and commentary with real-time discussions and interviews with expert guests.

Eikon - Insight for profitable metals trading

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