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Better advise your investment banking customers and gain an edge over competitors with Eikon – the one platform that meets your M&A, DCM and ECM workflow needs.

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Eikon – essential for your investment banking decisions

Stay ahead of the market with breaking news

With authoritative sources across multiple industries, Reuters produces agenda-setting scoops on transformative deals. Rely on Breakingviews’ daily commentary on the big financial stories as they break and keep abreast of supply conditions in the global capital markets with IFR’s in-depth commentary and analysis.

Access the market and company information you need

Get industry-specific news, research, prices, events, and performance indicators to help with your investment decisions in a single, highly visual dashboard. Natural language search enables you to keep up with company disclosures easily, with summary briefs, transcripts and qualitative and quantitative guidance.

Identify transaction targets

Eikon's sophisticated screening tools enable you to select a universe of companies, set filters, sort, group, and aggregate data using your own fully customizable reports for deep and meaningful investment analysis.

Access the best investment research efficiently 

Thanks to Thomson Reuters Aftermarket Research (AMR), you’ll gain an edge on your prospecting valuation and execution work. The collection is the largest in the world, with exclusive, sought-after contributors, and reports from more than 1,800 investment banks and independent research firms.

Monitor deals flow and develop custom league tables

Thomson Reuters Deals data allows you to monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning within any region, asset class or industry vertical with flexible levels of granularity. Combined with customizable league tables and deals screening, you can pitch confidently in the knowledge that your league tables are accurate and optimized for each deal.

Establish a view of the most likely buyers and investors

Present your clients with the most insightful view of likely buyers and investors. Eikon helps you screen for potential M&A buyers to include in your pitchbooks while company-specific ownership data provides context for the most likely investors in equity capital raising scenarios.

Stay informed when you're on the road

Eikon’s mobile solutions, designed for seamless connectivity to global markets on breaking news, pricing, rich charts and actionable alerts, enable you to be informed and maintain productivity both in the office and offline.

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