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Fixed income

Thomson Reuters Eikon brings you the world’s most extensive fixed income market and economic news, with unrivaled pricing data from MarketAxess, Markit, Tradeweb and ICAP.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon: delivering an integrated, intuitive way to buy and sell bonds and other fixed income instruments with greater profitability. Exclusive content, venues and connections are a click away, including for the emerging markets, giving you the advantage to see – and seize – opportunities first.

Compare multiple markets and sources quickly, with Rates and Credit views displayed in one place, then click to trade via Tradeweb.

Reuters News delivers thousands of stories and exclusives, enabling you to take action before markets move.  IFR Markets analysts provide expert insights into credit and rates markets, including new issues.

Content and features

World-leading commentary and analysis

Expert analysis ensures you know and understand key developments in the credit and rates markets. You’ll also know of new bond issues across the globe – often ahead of your competitors.

StarMine default probability models

These proprietary models predict credit deterioration ahead of credit ratings agencies, giving you a head start – and a huge competitive edge.

Unrivaled pricing and trade data

Gauge the markets and monitor the best prices. Exclusive data from Tradeweb, ICAP and other leaders gives you complete line of sight across the fixed income markets in a single customizable screen.

eMAXX Bond Holders

Access the world’s most comprehensive and accurate information on institutional investors of all sizes with eMAXX Bond Holders. Import the data directly into your own system for customized needs.

Discoverability for rates and credit

Maximum coverage for minimum real estate with a customizable G40 x 0-40 Year Rates Views screen, or CreditViews with price discovery, outstanding debt, issuer ratings, CDS, analytics and equity data.

Eikon – exclusive data for fixed income professionals

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