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Powerful capabilities for the equities trader

Streamline your equities trading workflow from beginning to end

Customizable to support your needs, our powerful pre-trade capabilities help you analyze equity trading opportunities, formulate strategy, and discover liquidity across markets while optimizing your equities trading workflow. In fact, Eikon features a dashboard specifically designed for the buy-side trader.

The Buy-Side Optimized Workflow app seamlessly directs trades into the market, and makes it easier to move from idea to execution.

Connect to counterparties and find liquidity

Our Autex suite allows you to view brokers' IOIs in real-time – approximately 4.5 million messages per day, including supers, generals and naturals. For a broader view of liquidity, you get trade advertisements by broker, symbol group, and sectors.

Eikon Messenger connects you to community of over 300,000 financial traders, across more than 30,000 firms in 180 countries.

Obtain access to greater cross-asset functionality and data

Eikon’s data covers 470 venues, across 87,000 companies that span 125 countries.

Representing more than 99% of the world’s market cap, we cover a wide range of transactions, including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, convertibles, and deal pipelines.

From FX and money markets to fixed income and commodities, and from economics to specialist content, Eikon delivers. Plus, our industry leading news delivers global coverage with speed and insight.

Search for new sources of data to help with equities trading decisions

The award-winning Court Wire app in Eikon provides U.S. litigation intelligence for equity trading, delivering near real-time alerts on potentially impactful case filings – thanks to the power of our WestLaw legal business with the pricing and analytic data in Eikon.

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