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Investment research

Have confidence in your financial models and investment recommendations with trusted data. Eikon improves research insights and productivity with rich and relevant news, charts, analytics, and Excel add-ins.

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Helping you increase research productivity

Track market movements and stay on top of earnings season

With Eikon, you will not only have access to the latest data and news, but also the analytical and charting tools that help you quickly make sense of it all and see how it impacts the securities you cover. Efficiently monitor unfolding trends during earnings season and better predict earnings and analyst revisions.

Generate investment opportunities and ideas

Act on investment opportunities – better and faster – using the suite of proprietary alpha-generating models from StarMine’s unique value-add analytics. Use our screening tools to zoom in on what matters within our universe of data, creating fully customizable reports. News from thousands of sources helps with your investment decisions by enabling you to delve into small and mid-cap opportunities.

Analyze securities efficiently and accurately

Access a huge range of content including global fundamentals with detailed interim data along with history (1989 for US companies). Our I/B/E/S estimates cover 22,000 companies from 900+ active brokers in more than 88 countries. To help you add granular analysis to your valuation models we offer 200+ industry specific estimates measures across 12 industries while StarMine smart estimates provide you with a proven and differentiated forecast number unavailable from anywhere else in the market.

Update financial models efficiently without errors

Have confidence in your numbers. Eikon provides fully-auditable, quality checked data that can be automatically updated in your Excel models.

Distribute sell-side research and buy-side research efficiently

Buy-side research: upload and share your in-house recommendations (as well as those from external providers) across your firm via Eikon, so your portfolio managers get the complete picture. We also offer a Research Marketplace on Thomson Reuters Eikon whereby buy-side firms can purchase research collections from research providers.

Sell-side and independent research: monetize research offerings by demonstrating their value, rationalizing pricing and managing the challenges of distribution.

Address the MiFID research unbundling challenge

Buy-side: Assessing research quality and value is critical to help you make research-provider choices and meet regulator and client requirements -- including justifying expenditures. StarMine analytics makes this easier by providing an unbiased sell-side analyst performance evaluation.

You can also create a research valuation framework including readership tracking, stay informed on corporate access events and carry out a systematic (qualitative and quantitative) broker vote.

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Sell-side: Value, measure and monetize research under MiFID II. Our solution gives you the ability to manage entitlements to the buy-side, prove research readership, measure research performance, and improve user engagement.

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