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Discover and seize new opportunities in the emerging markets with our exclusive and tailored news, commentary and insights, financial content and dedicated research.

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Some of the best opportunities for profitable trading and investing lie in new and emerging markets. No one has these areas covered as deeply or expertly as Thomson Reuters.

Perform intuitive emerging markets research with trusted news, market data and the analytics you need to make better trades, deals and investments – ahead of your competitors.

Through easy-to-use, web-style navigation and intuitive search functionality get invaluable insight into your markets and stay on top of events with Reuters domestic, local-language news.

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News and Insights

Reuters News is the world’s largest international news agency - 3,000 journalists in 165 countries. Never miss another global event or market-moving announcement and benefit from 800,000 actionable alerts each year. IFR Markets is the world's most authoritative source of commentary and analysis. Reuters Breakingviews delivers agenda-setting financial insight on the big stories.

Interactive map

A visual representation of the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact prices. You can see infrastructure, vessel movements, weather events and other factors on the map – then drill down into a geographical area to identify and analyze risks quickly

Intuitive search

Use Natural Language search in both the desktop and Excel add-in and across multiple sources, including instruments, data items, geographies, and industries. 

More open, more connected

With more than 300,000 users, including 28,000 from the buy-side, and 11 million messages distributed every day, Eikon Messenger provides access to the world’s largest verified directory of financial market participants via the open messaging network.

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