Financial app development

App Studio

Financial app development with App Studio in Eikon allows you to get best-of-breed applications not just from Thomson Reuters, but from third party developers across the world.

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App Studio - Endless Possibility (1:19)

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App Studio for Eikon users

Eikon users benefit from App Studio by getting access to specialized apps built by diverse providers which are tightly integrated with native Eikon capabilities.  This creates an end to end solution within a single platform enabling users to:

  • Access multiple apps – native Eikon and 3rd party – coexisting in a single workspace 
  • Navigate this combined workspace with ease thanks to apps having a similar look and feel
  • Pass information – such as a security identifiers or portfolios – between multiple apps within a workspace to eliminate the need for multiple data entries
  • Be free of managing multiple logins and passwords with single sign on (SSO) across all apps within the workspace
  • Access Thomson Reuters data within 3rd party apps


App Studio for Developers

App Studio lets you easily integrate specialist applications and content to address any work flow need.

We will provide your developers with the tools to build an Eikon application GUI, APIs for data and interactivity with native Eikon applications, plus distribution solution(s) and support.

With Eikon App Studio, you can create applications just for your users or clients, and help to drive your business with data from Thomson Reuters and specialists across the world.

App Studio - Financial app development for your workflow

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