Financial app development

App Studio

Our financial app development capabilities let you take Eikon’s advanced tools and services even further to create, develop and distribute custom applications and content.

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App Studio - Endless Possibility (1:19)


By connecting you to the right mix of news, data, analytics, markets and professionals, Eikon already lets you optimize your capabilities.

Today, we take this even further with our unique financial app development platform. App Studio lets you easily integrate specialist applications and content to address any workflow need.

We have created a world in which you can tailor and enhance individual user workflows and create specialist environments to tackle your most difficult requirements.

We will provide your developers with the tools to build an Eikon application GUI, APIs for data and interactivity with native Eikon applications, plus distribution solution(s) and support.

With Eikon’s App Studio, you can create best-of-breed applications just for your users or clients, and help to drive your business with data from Thomson Reuters and specialists across the world.

App Studio components


Our development toolkits comprise: Eikon’s SDK (Software Development Kit); and Data / Services Toolkits (APIs and context sharing).


Get help with user targeting and permissions, plus usage analytics.


Have your applications listed in Eikon’s application library.

App Studio

Financial app development for your workflow

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