Integrated Corporate Treasury solutions

Corporate treasury

Strengthen working capital, secure liquidity, and manage risk – all the content and analytical tools you need for effective corporate treasury management.

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The desktop solution for corporate treasury services

Manage currency risk and optimize FX trade execution 

With Eikon, you can discover market rates from more than 2,000 global contributors, including Reuters Matching and our award-winning FXall trading platform

Access to FX liquidity from over 180 leading providers – with RFQ trading and execution quality analysis (EQA) – you can actively evaluate trading activity and identify new corporate treasury opportunities.

Analyze and hedge financial risk exposure

Get the unrivalled breadth and depth of asset class coverage including comprehensive coverage of interest rates and commodity markets, market data, news and commentary along with pricing across 175 currencies from trusted sources in over 100 countries. And, with pre-trade derivatives calculators and derivatives portfolio valuation tools using transparent and market standard analytics, you can maximize the efficiency of your hedging strategy.

Optimize the cost of long-term funding for your corporate treasury management

Access comprehensive information for your long-term corporate treasury funding strategy and reduce the cost of financing.

Eikon gives you pricing and peer data, such as corporate bonds, CDS, loan pricing, credit ratings, and debt structure, coupled with the best-in-class coverage of FX, rates, credit, and loan pricing by IFR Markets.

Keep on top of myriad regulatory changes affecting corporate treasury services

Get leading independent commentary and expert analysis from Reuters news and IFR Markets – all within Eikon. And, with Eikon Messenger, you can connect, interact, and collaborate seamlessly with 300,000 financial market participants to keep your finger on the corporate treasury pulse. 

Eikon for corporate treasury professionals

More knowledge, greater clarity, and smarter tools for effective treasury management

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