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A worker stands under a derrick at a Yuganskneftegaz oil processing facility, the core unit of oil company YUKOS at Mamontovskoye oilfield outside the Siberian town of Nefteyugansk, December 18, 2004.
REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin


Since 1992, Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor have been the most trusted English language publications for news and analysis of the Russian and Eurasian oil and gas sector.

Produced by an experienced team of in-country experts, analysts and journalists, these publications go beyond the headlines with their news stories, helping you to understand how regional developments in Russia and countries of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region will impact your business in this dynamic market.

Why subscribe to Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor?

Both publications rely on their extensive network of correspondents, native to each of the countries covered, to cut through cultural and linguistic differences that often obscure the meaning of events and new government policies for foreign observers not native to the region.

Russian Petroluem Investor and Caspian Investor are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality intelligence, news, research and analysis that is available for the energy sector in this region.

Published monthly, every issue delivers the exclusive information, commentary, and practical experience that our subscribers rely on to help them stay ahead of the constantly evolving Russian and Eurasian energy markets.

Features and Benefits

Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor will help you to:

  • Get exclusive business intelligence from unparalleled network of reliable inside sources, regional journalists, and local editors
  • Be prepared in this dynamic market by understanding the subtle implications behind the region’s news 
  • Get an insider advantage with comprehensive Russian views of evolving government policy
  • Grow your operations by identifying strategic partners and future clients
  • Make informed business decisions armed with in-depth market intelligence.

Russian Petroleum Investor

  • Russia is the world’s largest combined producer of oil and gas and it exerts a tremendous impact on surrounding energy producing countries and developing world energy markets. The language of the industry is Russian and outsiders only receive bits and pieces of information through scattered language news articles. Russian Petroleum Investor helps you overcome this cultural and language barrier and gives you access to a world otherwise largely closed to outsiders.
  • Special attention is paid to developments of new energy resources on the shelf regions, development of resources in Eastern Siberia, Russia’s entry into LNG markets, and new transport facilities and pipelines.

Caspian Investor

  • The ongoing development of new energy resources, new energy transportation networks, and new trading relations in the Caspian region and Central Asia is a dynamic process in formation right now. There are very few consistent, in-depth sources of information in English about developments in this area of strategic importance for world energy markets.
  • Since 1992, Caspian Investor has been bridging this gap by providing relevant news and reliable insight into this complex region.
  • Caspian Investor consistently provides early details on key developments in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, as well as Russia, Turkey and other major players in the Caspian energy sector.

Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor

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