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Trade confidently with the data, insights, and analysis you need to navigate through evolving agricultural commodity markets.

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Valuable insight into the world’s agriculture markets

Build credible forward-looking insights across the agricultural commodities markets 

Forward-looking crop reports from Lanworth analysts at Thomson Reuters enable you to take profitable positions ahead of agriculture commodity price changing announcements by government agencies and other relevant bodies.

Understand crop flows and output, and analyze agriculture commodity prices

Get access to what's happening across the agriculture commodities markets, such as yield forecasts and supporting information on corn, soybean, wheat, and palm oil. At the same time, track the discharge points for US crops and gain accurate output predictions ahead of the market.

Manage the impact of weather and supply chain disruptions

With Eikon, you get the full picture of the agriculture commodity markets, such as the when, the what, and the where. Our weather analysis and storm route mapping provides detailed information on the impact of supply chain disruptions so you can react immediately.

Building contingencies for the impact of geopolitical events on trade

From Brexit to regulatory changes in the U.S. or trade treaties in Asia, geopolitical events have a major impact on trade. Latest news stories by Reuters, provided via Elektron, keep you a step ahead of anyone else for making credible decisions.

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