Thomson Reuters Datastream

Datastream is a powerful financial time series database that enables you to explore relationships and trends, perform correlations, generate and test investment and trading ideas and develop view points on the market.

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Thomson Reuters Datastream provides over 10 million economic time series for 162 markets with comparable data so you can build insightful charts and analysis.

Thomson Reuters Datastream integrates economic research and strategy development with asset analysis, bringing together ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ across the investment workflow.

We can do this because we own more of the critical data sources investment professionals rely on than any other provider. Sources include Reuters News, Breakingviews, I/B/E/S, and StarMine. Datastream’s macroeconomic analysis tools are second to none, with thousands of pre-built chart templates.

Gain access to Datastream, the world’s largest financial markets time series database– with years of economic data on financial instruments and economies. With Thomson Reuters you can:

  • Perform cross-asset research across multiple economic cycles
  • View economic data as it was originally reported, then view how it was revised over time
  • React to key economic indicators as they are announced; then quickly digest the market reaction and commentary
  • Deliver more compelling macro insights to your firm and your clients

Content and features

Powerful analytical tools

Tap into our deep macro and financial databases and leverage the power and flexibility of our analytical functions to manipulate data. Power up your analysis with StarMine Equity Analytics for greater accuracy to consensus estimates and sophisticated analytical models.

Charting applications

Our point-and-click interface makes it easy to examine relationships between assets and relative performance. Chart studies give you quick and simple access to a wide range of commonly used valuation, performance, technical and fundamentals charts.

Microsoft® Office integration

A ribbon in your Microsoft® Office applications makes it easy to publish and update your work. Enjoy greater efficiency as tables and charts you create update dynamically from your Datastream connection.

Thomson Reuters Datastream

For powerful macroeconomic analysis

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