Platform and APIs

Trading technologies for optimal data distribution

Platform and APIs

Access robust content, publish your content and integrate all data with our trading technologies and financial APIs. Optimize distribution across your enterprise.

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Built with an open structure to unleash innovation

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform and Elektron financial APIs were built from the ground up to be open. This open structure enables you to get exactly what you need – robust data, insights and opportunities – when and however you need them.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform is the industry’s most powerful streaming platform. It provides the infrastructure that will connect every corner of your business with market data and messaging.

Open-source APIs

The Elektron API family provides an open source and easy-to-use single point of access to Thomson Reuters Elektron content, as well as third-party and proprietary content. From CIOs to developers, large firms to startups, these APIs will provide enterprise-wide benefits that enable your firm to be agile, innovative and cost efficient.

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