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Any content, anywhere

Thomson Reuters Elektron Feeds provide real-time access to content sourced from thousands of exchanges and OTC-traded markets, covering well over 40 million instruments. No matter what you’re looking for, our real-time market data feeds will deliver what you need - when and how you need it.

Elektron Real Time

Our consolidated, real-time feeds that provide low-latency access to comprehensive content across a diverse range of asset classes and geographies with:

  • Real-time coverage of over 500 exchanges
  • Points of presence in New York, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Dubai, Moscow, Seoul and Toronto

Historical tick data

Looking for historical tick data to back-test your strategies, perform quantitative research and more?

Thomson Reuters Tick History offers unparalleled access to historical tick-level data across global asset classes. It uniquely enables you to effectively manage compliance requirements in today’s fluid regulatory environment, perform quantitative research and analytics and employ real-time algorithmic trading strategies in a cost-efficient manner.

Data is recorded from the Thomson Reuters Elektron Real Time feeds covering both OTC and exchange traded instruments across over 500 trading venues and third-party contributed data, including MiFID II specific content sources.

Thomson Reuters Tick History, built atop the DataScope Select Platform, has a modern web interface and REST API delivering improved performance, efficiency and scalability.

The DataScope Select API supports easy consumption of Tick History content into the Public Cloud, and Thomson Reuters Professional Services teams can be engaged to bring their experience to bare on this on-boarding challenge where necessary.

Want to turn unstructured data into actionable insights?

Thomson Reuters delivers a wealth of machine-readable news that enables algorithms to exploit the power of news to seize opportunities, capitalize on market inefficiencies and manage risk.

Delivery that meets your demands

Our content delivery options are flexible to your business needs. From additional feed options to distribution and deployment, we’ll find the right fit for your firm.

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