Our trading infrastructure at your fingertips, but without the headaches or costs of complexity.

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Managing information and simplifying global operations

Thomson Reuters Elektron is a trading infrastructure that brings global trading to your fingertips - wherever you are and whatever your role. Integrate data from any source and feed all of that content into any type of workflow application, but without the complexity of running, maintaining and upgrading to cope with constantly changing demands.


Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

Managing information as it flows through your enterprise is no trivial challenge. Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform enables you to master that complexity. We don’t just connect you to the right information; we also connect your enterprise workflows. Our core infrastructure supports every link in the trading and investment value chain.

Thomson Reuters Managed Services

While all of our propositions can be deployed at your site, Thomson Reuters Elektron Managed Services eliminates all the headaches of running, maintaining and upgrading your trading infrastructure to cope with constantly changing demands. With strategic data centers all around the world, we are close to you and always close to the trading action.

Thomson Reuters Digital Solutions

Transform the web-based information services you deliver by integrating Thomson Reuters market data and capabilities into your advisory portal, company intranet/extranet, online trading platform, mobile app or custom website. Content is packaged for easy access and delivered in industry standard formats.

Intelligent Tagging

In today’s changing information landscape, there is a need to add structure to mega-volumes of data so you can more easily draw intelligence from it. Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging™ addresses this need, being able to process millions of text documents daily for financial professionals.

Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier

The Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier – or PermID – helps customers and partners handle data management challenges, eliminate mapping inconsistencies, reduce operational risk, and streamline end-to-end workflow processes across various platforms.