Foreign Exchange Pricing Data

Exclusive access to specialist FX and money market data, and the tools to manage trading risk and operations. Identify opportunities and differentiate your forex trading analysis and strategies.

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Tap into over 30 years’ experience of driving innovation in the foreign exchange market and benefit from access to the best prices, market intelligence and the deepest liquidity.

Thomson Reuters Foreign Exchange (FX) and Money Market (MM) content offers comprehensive coverage of all financial reference, real-time pricing, historical pricing and indices data relating to the trading of currencies, currency derivative instruments, short-term money market instruments and interest rate derivatives.

Content and features

Foreign exchange content

Covers real time prices for 175 currencies, from over 2,000 contributors for all key asset types.

Historical data

Up to 35 years of inter-day price history data, 30 days worth of full tick data and three months of one-minute interval data.

Broker and trading venue pricing

Exclusive broker and trading venue pricing that delivers unmatched levels of market insight.

Unrivaled price discovery

From the tradable matching venues of EBS - and exclusively Thomson Reuters Dealing and Matching - to market leading brokers and OTC prices.

Superior Forwards content 

Including best-in class NDF curve data, analytics and pricing from multiple brokers and bank sources across a range of non-deliverable markets.

Reuters Polls

Covering FX, economic and central bank forecasts, providing up-to-the minute coverage into market activity to anticipate rate moves.

Reuters FX Buzz

Ex-markets professionals cover major currencies and NDFs, providing concise commentary, technical analysis and trade ideas.

Foreign Exchange Pricing Data

Access specialist FX and money market data

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