Fixed Income Pricing Data

Global fixed income pricing from over 800 contributors and over 70 exchanges, including exclusive pricing from the world’s largest broker price platform.

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Gauge the markets and monitor the best prices with our suite of fixed income market products and pricing data. Exclusive data from Tradeweb, ICAP and other leaders gives you complete line of sight across the fixed income markets.

Our pricing service covers 2.5 million securities including government and corporate bonds, US municipal bonds, bank loans, derived equities, MBS and securitized products, derivatives, structured notes and money market.

Content and features

Comprehensive pricing 

Fixed income pricing from over 800 contributors and over 70 exchanges, and end-of-day pricing for over 4,000 CDS curves across the globe. It includes mark-to-market pricing for US syndicated loans, in association with The Loan Syndication and Trading Association.

Global coverage

Covers 3.2 million live instruments globally, with all the important asset types. This includes: government and sovereign bonds and bills; corporate bonds; convertible bonds; securitized bonds; credit default swaps; and short-term debt instruments.


Consistent and transparent pricing methodologies applied by our professional and experienced evaluators, reflecting regulatory and accounting standards.

End-of-day pricing 

Includes a wide range of price and yield calculations. This maximizes the accuracy of valuations for government and semi-government bonds, as well as corporate and convertible securities, across a wide range of markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. More than 15 years of price history is available for all key markets.

Pricing coverage

Evaluated pricing: fair market value of 2.5 million instruments daily – evaluation teams around the world incorporate bond models, market color, trade prices, market news, and stringent quality checks to produce intraday and end of day values. Contributor pricing: key market participants supply indicative pricing. Exchange pricing: captured when available.

Fixed Income Pricing Data

Global bond and fixed income pricing

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