Municipal Bond Pricing Data

Benefit from independent, extensive evaluated pricing data on the full universe of municipal bonds.

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Regulatory change, technological developments and political disruption are amongst the major structural forces affecting the nature of trading in the municipal bond market. New developments are requiring market participants to evaluate municipal bond portfolios with greater scrutiny and adopt a more active approach to risk management. 

Reliable pricing data is the key to doing this effectively. 

Extensive municipal bond pricing data is offered via Thomson Reuters Pricing Service – an independent, global evaluated pricing source covering over 2.6 million fixed-income securities, derivatives and bank loans.

It gives subscribers access to extensive pricing data on over 1 million active municipal bonds, with prices available at multiple times daily. Breadth, quality and reliability are the hallmarks of our service.


Our municipal bond evaluations provide detailed transparency and market insight to support investment banks, asset managers, custodian banks, mutual fund administrators, and risk managers.

Spanning the entire US municipal bond market, new issues are proactively evaluated as they come to market. Our team of experienced professional evaluators employs a credit curve-driven attribute model that incorporates information from multiple sources, to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent price valuations.

Content service managers are on hand to support customer queries and price challenges, while the evaluation process encompasses strict validation processes that result in quality assurance.

Content and features

Extensive global coverage of municipal bonds

Coverage includes complete reference data, corporate actions and evaluated pricing on the full universe of municipal bonds. Our service covers Investment Grade, Taxable, High-Yield and Distressed issues, including the following bond types: General Obligation Bonds, Certificates of Participation, Commercial Paper, Short-Term Markets, Revenue Bonds and Bank Qualified.

Reliability and consistency

We employ a credit curve attribute model that adjusts to changes in market conditions, offering proven reliability and consistency in volatile markets.

Quality assurance

The municipal bond pricing evaluation process encompasses strict validation procedures, including quality checks that guarantee the absence of stale prices and/or outlying values.

Access to the experts

Our team of content service managers is on hand to support any technical, price data and functional queries.

Faster delivery

Evaluations are delivered at standard US market snapshot times. Clients can choose to extract data on a security basis or on the entire universe of securities. Evaluated pricing delivery is available within 45 minutes of the standard market close.

Independent pricing

Thomson Reuters is a completely independent third-party pricing provider with no conflicts of interest as the company does not originate, issue, trade, buy, sell or position these instruments.

Delivery options

Clients can choose to extract data on a security basis or on the entire range of securities. Extraction flexibility is available through DataScope Select, DataScope Onsite and DataScope Fixed Income.

Municipal Bond Pricing Data

Extensive pricing on over 1 million municipal bonds

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