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Equities Pricing Data

With global coverage of over 7 million securities, assets in over 200 exchanges in more than 100 countries, and 20 years of price history, our pricing data helps to ensure profitable equity research.

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We are one of the world’s largest sources of equity-related content.

Our critical data feed most of our financial marketplace propositions and end-client workflows, and are the result of long-standing relationships with every major exchange – and the vast majority of smaller exchanges – around the world.

As a result, we can offer the marketplace deep global insight into real time prices, and give access to an extensive historical database that contains all equities content – available for both tick data and daily summary data charts and analytics.

Our pricing data is complemented by a comprehensive company news service, directly sourced from the exchanges and third parties.

Key features

  • Daily updates, providing quality end-of-day pricing, global terms and conditions, corporate actions and cross-reference market identifiers
  • Thomson Reuters proprietary instrument codes, available for equities, indices, derivatives, money and FX markets
  • Real time market coverage for “Level 1 - post-trade” and “Level 2 - pre-trade” services
  • Extensive historical data stored for all equities content, available for both tick data and daily summary data charts and analytics
  • Extensive equity news coverage, sourced from Thomson Reuters editorial teams and third party news sources.

Content and features

With over 7 million active quote records split across various asset classes – updating in real-time – we deliver data needed for quick decision-making. 70 million price points are snapped on a daily basis, including an average of 9 fields snapped per quote.

Extensive real time market coverage

Real time data is split between: “Level 1 - post-trade”, which includes all trade data and various summary fields, such as the open price, daily high and low, trade volume and turnover (value), and volume weight average price (VWAP); and “Level 2 - pre-trade” services, with order book content.

Order book coverage

Eikon, Thomson Reuters Direct Feed Direct and Elektron Feeds provide both order book detail (all orders) and order book market depth (summaries by quote level).

I/B/E/S and SmartEstimates

By combining I/B/E/S and SmartEstimates analytics with an Equity Screener – a combination unique to Thomson Reuters Eikon – you can identify earnings surprises.

The widest range of cross-asset data

Get data that impacts equities markets – from FX and money market prices, to fixed income, commodity fundamentals and economics, to specialist content, Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers it all.


Equities Pricing Data

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