Pricing and Reference data management

Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator

Transparency and automated workflows for pricing and reference data management.

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Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator makes market and position data more transparent for valuation and risk processes, reducing errors and enhancing insight for the entire enterprise.

Using modern search technology and pre-built models, middle and back-office teams can rapidly iterate and customize their analysis and workflows, while maintaining strict version control and supporting process audit requirements.

By collecting scattered financial data into a single, searchable repository, Valuation Navigator:

  • Automates daily pricing and valuation workflows
  • Provides transparency into the evaluated price
  • Offers data consolidation and data reformatting.

With a comprehensive view of daily pricing and valuation processes, maximize what you can do with your reference data - leaving more time for analysis, insight and risk mitigation.

Content and features

Rapid data collection

Market and position data, together in a searchable repository. Internal and external data sources can include multiple databases, market feeds, emails, PDFs and spreadsheets. Many common market data feeds are pre-integrated – accelerating your time-to-value.

Easy search

Fast and easy searching across your entire reference data landscape, giving you views of your data that were previously impossible.

Formal modules

Robust and auditable modules can encapsulate detailed analytic workflows, such as NAV pricing and tolerance testing. By automating common manual processes, modules leave more time for analysts to review and mitigate outliers.

Shared insight

Clear visibility across the organization as either a read-only view or as a dynamic interface – delivering a common view of reference data-driven workflows for collaboration and analysis.

Daily pricing and valuation workflows automation

Adds efficiency, addresses pain points and reduces manual work to accelerate pricing processes.

Evaluated price transparency

Offers access to market observable inputs for better insight into vendor pricing and sources data to support Leveling and Fair Value measurement.

Data consolidation and reformatting

Allows easy feed integration into internal systems and the option to select pricing from multiple sources.


Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator

Optimize your pricing and reference data and management

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