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Users of older versions of SDC

Users of an older version of SDC should update to Version as soon as possible.

Doing so ensures that you have access to the latest information and enhancements available in SDC Platinum.


1. Upgrading is easy 

  • Login to our site 
  • Download (user ID and password required) and install new version of SDC platinum. The setup guide contains instructions on how to configure SDC tools
  • Once the appropriate installation package is downloaded, double click on the icon to start up the installation process
  • During the installation you will only be prompted to specify the application target directory. SDC Platinum v4.0.4.0 can be installed in parallel with older versions of SDC Platinum
  • Note: .Net 3.5 frameworks needs to be installed

Installation instructions

  • If an anti-virus package is installed on the PC, there will be a paintbox while the file is scanned
  • When the dialog box appears, choose a directory to download the zip file into. Choose a path that is easy to find and remember (e.g. desktop)
  • When the file download is complete, go to the .zip file and open it. We will come back to this zip file shortly
  • Find the location of your SDC Platinum application. For most 2.2 versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum v2.2. For most 2.3 and 2.3b versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum. For most 3.0 and 4.0 versions it will be C:\Program Files\SDC\Platinum
    If the above does not match your Platinum path, find the directory located immediately above (1 level up from) Platinum's bin, dbf, and library directories
  • In the .zip file, click "Extract". Set the zip files "extract to" path to your Platinum directory. (Example: If Platinum's bin, dbf, and library files reside at "C:\ProgramFiles\SDC\Platinum\bin " (dbf and library respectively), set the zip "Extract to" path to C:\ProgramFiles\SDC\Platinum 
  • Be sure to highlight the "Use Folder Names" and "Overwrite Existing Files" options in the WinZip dialog box. This will ensure that the files unzip to their proper folders, and you will not be prompted to overwrite each file
  • When the extraction is complete, you should not need to run SDC Tools before logging into SDC Platinum. However, if you ever see a message saying that the system administrator needs to update the picklists, running SDC Tools should fix this

If any other errors are encountered, please call TFSD Client Support at (888) 989-TFSD(8373) for assistance.

SDC Platinum online updates