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Fragmented liquidity and higher volumes of real time market data – with increasing variety – are making your life more complex. We’re here to make it simpler.

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We have transformed the way we source and distribute real time data, to deliver greater volumes, depth and breadth at significantly lower latency.

Our global consolidated feed connects you to thousands of exchanges and OTC-traded markets, and this coverage is growing all the time. It is faster and has an inherently flexible data structure, enabling us – and you – to add new content quickly and easily.

We have simplified the way you connect to applications – so you and your team are able to focus more on adding value.

Content and features

All the data you need

As well as access to new exclusive venues, you have greater levels of detail, such as millisecond timestamps, short sale indicators or auction data. We offer full depth-of-market coverage and more frequent updates to cover bandwidth-intensive sources.

Performance, precision and quality

We have revolutionized the way we collect and distribute data, using new technology, new data centers and truly distributed architecture. The result is reduced latency at every single venue and faster distribution.

Quicker development, quicker to market

With Elektron Real Time, it’s quicker and easier to connect to a new market, so you can develop new strategies, hit new markets and seize new opportunities. Efficiency and agility are wired into an inherently flexible and compact data model.

MiFID II requirements

Through modular tools and industry-leading reference data, we help you meet MiFID II HFT-specific (high frequency trading) transaction reporting requirements.

In general, firms carrying out algorithmic trading (including HFT) and trading venues allowing or enabling algorithmic trading will have to have specific, effective systems, procedures and arrangements in place to ensure resilience and capacity. This includes testing and monitoring, as well as business continuity plans and mechanisms to control trading.

With Tick History, we provide unparalleled access to global historical tick data, and the ability to back-test trading algorithms in a pre- and post-trade testing environment.

Elektron Real Time Market Data

Low-latency full tick data

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