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Private Equity Buyout Indices

Comprehensive PE buyout private equity index access via innovative proprietary datasets.

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Our PE buyout indices measure the performance of the US private equity buyout industry through a combination of liquid and publicly traded assets.

These publicly traded assets are allocated across seven sector portfolios, each representing a different sector in which US PE buyout firms invest.

The series consists of the PE buyout research private equity index, which is a comprehensive and highly representative indicator of the US PE buyout industry, while the PE buyout Index is a ground-breaking, investable index tracking the performance of the Thomson Reuters PE buyout research index using liquid public securities.

Index Details

PE Buyout Research Index

Comprehensive - Leverages the Thomson Reuters private equity investment database, analyzing over 8,000 US private equity companies.

High quality measure of PE buyout return gross of fees - Tracks the gross performance of the US PE buyout industry through a comprehensive aggregation of company values.

PE Buyout Index

Investable Index using liquid public securities - Sector portfolios are designed to track the performance of PE sector investments by holding liquid exchange traded instruments rather than investing directly in PE firms.

Published daily - Computed at the close of each trading day providing immediate information about movements in the PE universe.

Diversification - Seeks to replicate the return profile of the PE buyout asset class by constructing a combination of sector portfolio returns.

PE buyout indices

Measuring US private equity industry performance

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