Multiple global equity index options

Global Equity Indices

Global equity indexes covering over 10,000 stocks from 51 markets, broken down into different countries, regions and sectors.

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A businessman rides on an escalator in Tokyo's business district April 1, 2013. Japanese business sentiment improved in the first three months of 2013, a central bank survey showed, after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's aggressive monetary and fiscal policy prescriptions helped to weaken the yen and bolster share prices. (JAPAN - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS) - RTXY4G2 - REUTERS/Toru Hanai
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Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices allow you to analyze and compare developed, emerging and select frontier markets at varying levels of granularity.

Highly correlated to popular global benchmarks, the indices are backed by simpler, more affordable commercials. Sector indices are based on Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC), the industry's most comprehensive, up-to-date and detailed classification scheme.

The indices are also highly representative, covering over 97% of each market’s investable market capitalization, making them ideal for benchmarking and analysis, or as the base for custom index strategies and overlays. 

Content and features

Free float market weighting methodology

Highly correlated performance to well known indices throughout the world. Changes in the liquidity methodology of Thomson Reuters Equity Indices were implemented in April 2015.

Broad market coverage

Highly representative of each market, ideal starting point for customization. Includes large-, mid-, small- and certain micro-caps.

Transparent, rules based methodology

Consistently applied through all countries, regions and sectors. Has the ability to perform fair, “apples to apples” comparisons between different equity markets.

Sector indices

Available at four levels of granularity for each country and region. Ability to track and benchmark against niche regional industries, as well as global sectoral movements.

Real-time and end-of-day indices

Ability to launch listed investment or trading products tracking real time indices.

Simple fees based structure 

Structure based on index usage, no additional fees for public index display.

Global equity index customizations

Advantageous commercial terms to create and distribute variants of existing indices.

Markets and industries


Get multiple global equity index combinations, covering over 10,000 stocks from 51 markets, broken down into different countries, regions and sectors.

Asset management

Enhance your view and develop your asset management strategy with Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices.

Global Equity Indices

Correlated global equity index combinations

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