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Diversity and Inclusion index

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) index and ratings powered by Thomson Reuters ESG data, designed to transparently and objectively measure the relative performance of companies against factors that define diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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Gain richer, differentiated insight into company performance with Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index.

Designed on the hypothesis that companies tracking, reporting and achieving on measures of diversity, inclusion and people development will offer better performance over time than those achieving lower scores, or not tracking these measures, Thomson Reuters D&I Index contains the information to help you identify long-term opportunities and risks in your investments.

Available through Thomson Reuters Eikon, the D&I index ranks over 7,000 publicly listed companies to identify the top 100 publicly traded companies with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces, as measured by 24 separate metrics across 4 key pillars.

Thomson Reuters ESG data provides performance information for in-depth, socially responsible investment analysis.

Content and features

Global company coverage

Ranking over 7,000 companies with environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, the index is based on metrics gathered from publicly available information sources defining diverse and inclusive workplaces.


Dynamically weighted data points reflect what the market tells us is important. Analytics check availability of data per data point within the benchmark group and adjusts weights up or down automatically.

Global benchmark standard

Benchmark groups are typically based on Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC) industry groups, a global standard for identifying peers, tagging research and helping to turn data into differentiated insights.


Automated scoring offers highly flexible architecture when it comes to increases in company coverage and is ideal for integrating new flows of data as they become available.

Global Equal Opportunity Select Index

The Thomson Reuters Global Equal Opportunity Select Index offers an innovative benchmark for investors wishing to commit capital to companies that actively invest in and promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) values and principles in the running of their businesses.

Among others, the index utilizes the Diversity and Inclusion scores of constituents of parent index and the final index selection reflects the principles and impact of diversity and inclusion.

The index tracks the price return of 20 publicly traded equities across the world that display relatively high Diversity and Inclusion scores, in addition to high dividend and low volatility.

Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

“We believe a focus on embracing inclusion and diversity is vital for any successful business and we’re really pleased to be recognised. We won’t be resting on our laurels and have plenty more work to do to encourage our people to ‘bring your human to work. Embracing diversity in its broadest sense, of thought, age, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and creating a workplace culture that is inclusive results in better decision making, drives improved business performance and creates stronger economies.”

- Dennis Barnes, Chief Executive Officer, Contact Energy.


“For Gap Inc., diversity and inclusion starts with welcoming all customers to our brands, and ensuring our workplaces around the world allow every employee to be their true self and achieve their full potential. Not only is this good for business, we believe it’s just the way things should be.” 

-  Art Peck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Gap Inc.   


“Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives at Lilly. We must better understand our changing and rapidly diversifying health-care marketplace, and first-hand experience is the best way to start. We must look like our global communities so that we understand our customers' many, diverse needs.”

- Dave Ricks, Chairman and CEO, Eli Lilly. 

Diversity and Inclusion Indices

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