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Custom Indices

Build indices, track your investment strategies and benefit from 40 years’ experience with our custom index services.

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Through Thomson Reuters custom index services, we offer you the opportunity to work with one provider for all your indexing needs, thereby lowering cost and complexity.

From a single, reputable global brand that is aligned with the IOSCO principles and free from bias, you can access a vast range of data for custom index creation. This includes exchange equity pricing; currency and bond prices from our own marketplaces; aggregated data, such as I/B/E/S estimates; and analytical data, such as ESG data and StarMine models.

Unbranded index calculation services are available for clients who require an independent third party to calculate their own indices. 

Our robust content sets are also available to calculate and construct indices in-house.

Content and features

Customize existing or create new indices

Using unique proprietary content sets, you have the ability to create highly innovative indices others simply cannot provide.

In-house research and development teams

Teams are available to validate proposed index methodologies. Gain independent third-party approval of custom index methodologies.

24-hour index development and operations

Market movements and changes impacting custom indices are quickly identified, implemented and delivered to clients.

Highly resilient platform

A platform designed to calculate some of the world's most relied upon indices in real-time.

Instant global distribution of custom indices

Distribution via industry standard feeds, desktop networks, FTP sites and APIs included in service.

Custom index clients

StarMine Affinity World Leaders Index

A highly selective business sector and region-neutral index derived from Thomson Reuters Global Developed Index.

The index includes equities from developed countries with strong financial and trading positions, based on a variety of StarMine metrics, including analyst revisions model, relative value, price momentum, and earning quality, all across different regions and sectors.

Spectrum Absolute Return Index

Spectrum AR Index is a truly unique solution within the global index space, and is the result of a close collaboration between Thomson Reuters Indices and QLAB Invest.

The index offers dynamic multi-asset exposure across Thomson Reuters Equity sectors, Commodities, US Treasuries and seven of the most liquid currencies. Spectrum AR Index is built, calculated and maintained independently by Thomson Reuters according to QLAB Invest's methodology. Spectrum AR Index showcases Thomson Reuters real-time index capabilities and access to multiple content sets in the creation of custom indices.

Markets and industries

Asset management

Use our Custom Indices to help develop differentiated investment strategies and your asset management solutions. 

Custom Indices

For all your custom index needs

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