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Thomson Reuters Commodity Indices track baskets of commodities to reflect price movements and are recognized as a major barometer of commodity prices and markets. Designed to provide exposure to the global commodities industry, all indices have a strong connection to the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) name, and many are tracked by Exchange Traded Funds and other derivatives.

As well as the Thomson Reuters brand, our commodity index solutions are up-to-date, highly recognizable, and give you multiple types of exposure. 

The Thomson Reuters Equal Weight Commodity Index is the CRB index in its original equal weight form from 1957.

The CRB index has undergone periodic updates as commodity markets have evolved and is now known as the Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Index (TR/CC CRB Index), consisting of 19 commodities. 

Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Indices

Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity – CRB Index

Comprising a basket of 19 commodities, with 39% allocated to energy contracts, 41% to agriculture, 7% to precious metals and 13% to industrial metals.

The Index acts as a representative indicator of today's global commodity markets.

Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Non-Energy Index

Ideal for product issuers and investors looking for commodity indices with higher exposure to agricultural commodities and metals. Removes crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and RBOB gasoline from the standard index. 

Thomson Reuters/Core Commodity CRB Non-Agriculture and Livestock Index

Provide enhanced exposure to Metals and Energy (excluding Agriculture and livestock)

Thomson Reuters CRB Commodity Equity Indices

Provide exposure to commodity related companies, with more specific breakdowns available, such as Agriculture, Energy and Industrial Metals.

Provides similar exposure to commodity prices without having to invest in commodity futures.

Thomson Reuters Equal Weight Continuous Commodity Index

Features 17 equally weighted commodities to provide a more even distribution into the major commodity sectors, rather than overweighting in certain sectors such as energy or agriculture.

Thomson Reuters - MCX India Commodity Indices (iCOMDEX)

The indices provide a transparent, timely and reliable view of Indian commodity markets. The series is based on 11 different commodity futures listed on MCX-Multi Commodity Exchange of India. In addition to the composite TR – MCX India Commodity index (iCOMDEX), sector indices for bullion and industrial metals are available, as well as individual commodity indices.

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A variety of highly recognized, up-to-date commodity index offerings for traders, all with a strong connection to the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) name.

Asset management

Our Commodity Indices will help you to develop differentiated investment strategies and asset management solutions.

Commodity Indices

Up-to-date commodity index

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