Specialist commodities pricing market data

Commodities pricing

More commodities pricing data in more usable forms, more quickly. Our data allows you to grasp where the market is, where it has been, and – ultimately – where it is likely to go next.

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From exchange data and OTC prices, to specialist supply and demand fundamentals covering agriculture, energy and metals – along with exclusive research and forecasts, weather and commodity trade flows – we give you the confidence to act quickly and profitably.

Our specialist data includes:

  • Real-time, end-of-day and historical prices – detailed real-time, delayed and historical pricing from all the major commodities exchanges around the world.
  • Research and forecasts – forward-looking analysis and an independent interpretation of where the market is going, including weather, commodity trade flows and supply and demand forecasts.
  • Fundamentals data – a consolidated set of current and historical commodities data as well as forecasts, giving you deep insight into both the physical and futures markets.

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Quick, usable commodities pricing data

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