StarMine Smart Money Models

A suite of StarMine models that leverages investment analysis from institutions, short sellers, corporate insiders, and more.

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The StarMine Smart Money models comprise:

  • Short Interest model, which ranks US stocks most/least likely to outperform based on number of shares shorted. The model removes the effects of shares shorted as hedges in order to focus on the shares shorted by investors making directional bets
  • Smart Holdings model, which ranks stocks based on the predicted future increase, or decrease, in institutional ownership
  • Insider Filings model, which ranks companies in the US on the basis of the sentiment of company executives and directors about their company stock, as reflected in insider stock transactions and ownership.

Content and features

Short interest 

Ranks US stocks based on the hypothesis that stocks with high (low) number of shares shorted will under (out) perform. The model normalizes short interest levels across companies of different market caps, and accounts for well-known arbitrage strategies that could affect levels of short interest.

Smart holdings 

Goes beyond “backwards-looking” popular methods and accurately predicts forward changes in institutional buying and selling. It determines which factors are currently in play and more/less desirable stocks.

Insider filings

Uses publicly available US insider filings to assess two dimensions of insider sentiment – how many insiders are buying or selling company securities, and how much they are buying and selling.

Markets and industries

Asset management

StarMine Smart Money models are dedicated to making investment research smarter by leveraging information about the actions of various groups of informed investors.

Hedge funds

Get insightful equity analytics that help institutional investors make better investment decisions with StarMine Smart Money models.

StarMine Smart Money Models

Smart investment analysis

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