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Proprietary calculations and data reformulation for more accurate estimates. Enhance investment research with better inputs to StarMine or customer developed models.

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StarMine Analytics comprises the industry’s most respected investment research tools:


SmartEstimates help you better predict future earnings and analyst revisions with estimates that place more weight on recent forecasts by top-rated analysts.

SmartEstimates are created in two steps. First, we exclude stale estimates and data errors, then weight the remaining estimates based on each analyst’s track record and the date of the estimate. When the SmartEstimate diverges from consensus by 2% or more, our research shows that you can anticipate the direction of earnings surprises with an accuracy rate of approximately 70%.


More accurate than a simple consensus forecast, SmartEconomics applies SmartEstimates methodology to forecasts of macroeconomic data and FX rates.

Marrying Thomson Reuters Datastream economic data with industry-leading Reuters polling data, the historical accuracy of each contributor is assessed at every point, on every economic indicator, for which the contributor had a forecast.

Markets and industries

Asset management

Better predict future earnings and analyst revisions, and get more accurate macroeconomic data and FX rates forecasts with StarMine Analytics.

Hedge funds

Drive alpha, stay on top of markets and often overlooked information, and process company research more efficiently.

StarMine Analytics

For more accurate investment research analytics

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