Financial modeling

StarMine Quantitative Analytics

Unique value-add analytics and predictive financial modeling, dedicated to making investment research smarter.

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StarMine provides a suite of proprietary alpha-generating analytics and models spanning sectors, regions, and markets.

Grounded in sound economic intuition and backed by rigorous analysis, our robust models span sectors, regions, and markets to help you achieve higher returns.

The quantitatively-derived outputs from StarMine give you unique value-add analytics and predictive financial modeling, helping you make better and faster investment decisions.

The combination of our analytics and models with Thomson Reuters Eikon enables you to gain unparalleled insight into financial data.

StarMine Quantitative Analytics


Get proprietary calculations and data reformulation for more accurate estimates. Enhance your investment research with better inputs to StarMine or customer developed models. StarMine Analytics comprises the investment research tools SmartEstimates and SmartEconomics.

Classic Quantitative Models

Quantitative research models that give you robust stock selection factors – used on a standalone basis or as an input into a multi-factor model. 

StarMine Classic Quantitative Models, which span across valuation, momentum and earnings quality, output percentile ranks between one and 100, with one representing the lowest rated stocks (bearish views) and 100 indicating the highest rated stocks (bullish views).

Smart Money Models

A suite of StarMine models that leverages investment analysis from institutions, short sellers, corporate insiders, and more. The StarMine Smart Money models comprise the StarMine Short Interest model, the Smart Holdings model, and StarMine Insider Filings.

Credit and Sovereign Risk Models

Get StarMine credit risk analysis with a multi-pronged approach, designed to quantitatively assess and predict credit risk. StarMine Credit and Sovereign Risk comprises several models, each model built using complementary sources of data and analytical methods.

The Combined Alpha Model

The Combined Alpha Model provides you with a simple, single score for a company helping you simplify your stock selection process.  The score is derived from the ‘optimal’ combination of available quantitative models across value, momentum, ownership and quality models.