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More precise, more reliable, more actionable intelligence

Investment professionals rely on Lipper content to help them turn ideas into action, manage risk, and market funds. Its clearly defined methodology and finely tuned classification system make it a superior source for peer performance fund data.

The integrity of Lipper content is the result of stringent processes maintained by the research team and a firm-wide commitment to excellence.

Thomson Reuters Trust Principles, implemented in 1941, ensure the highest ethical standards across all of the company’s businesses. Lipper content is gathered, processed and distributed according to these unwavering principles.

Lipper Fund Data

Unbiased content. Essential tracking intelligence.

Access the industry’s most comprehensive global fund coverage. Lipper data includes mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, hedge funds, retirement/pension funds and insurance products. Users can tailor the data to their needs by universe, language, fund detail, frequency of updates, file format and distribution needs.

Lipper Data Feeds

Lipper content is delivered directly to your desktop. Data on mutual funds, retirement funds, pension funds, insurance products, and more can be customized into feeds that are easily integrated into your applications, websites, and reporting systems.

  • Access comprehensive and timely global coverage on mutual funds, retirement funds, pension funds, ETFs, and more. No provider covers as many funds with as much depth and consistency.
  • Gain detailed insights on securities holdings with data that’s combined with up to 24 allocation breakdowns and fundamental portfolio characteristics to offer more granularity.

Lipper Classification

Uniquely calibrated for pinpoint accuracy, Lipper’s fund classification methodology strikes an even balance between consistency and flexibility to help investors navigate an ever-changing investment environment.

Lipper Classification has:

  • Unmatched granularity - Over 400 homogenous groups of funds so you can compare “like for like” fund mandates and refine your comparative analysis.
  • Style-based holdings classifications - Screen or review funds based on proprietary fund association, local market schemes, or Lipper’s Global Classification of all funds.
  • Performance statistics - Data includes more than 70 relative and absolute measures of risk and return to enhance risk management and mitigation.

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Lipper is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for fund-performance content for professional and individual investors alike. Ensure that your funds’ holdings and performance are fully covered within Lipper’s database of more than 120,000 funds and 240,000 share classes contributed by hundreds of leading fund-management companies worldwide.


Thomson Reuters Lipper

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