Thomson Reuters News Analytics and MarketPsych Indices

Our world news sentiment analysis tools can turn today’s vast amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights to maximize your returns and spot event risk.

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News flow and sentiment are important sources of signals in quantitative stock selection and systematic trading. However, vast amounts of today’s news and social media data are unstructured. And it’s difficult to understand whether the market perceives news as positive or negative and if it’s relevant to a company.

Thomson Reuters News Analytics addresses those challenges by providing a more comprehensive understanding and analysis of a company’s world news coverage by delivering unparalleled insight into a company’s market reputation for a unique competitive advantage.

Content and features

Thomson Reuters News Analytics

To help you get differentiated ideas to market faster, we transform unstructured, real-time news from Reuters News and third-party services into a machine readable feed. Each story is scored for author sentiment, relevance and novelty at a company or commodity level.

The system also scans and analyzes stories on thousands of companies in real-time and feeds the results into your quantitative strategies to help you stand out from the competition.

Thomson Reuters MarketPsych Indices

MarketPsych Indices convert the volume of professional news and social media into manageable information flows to help you drive sharper decisions. Covering over 7,500 companies across 130 countries, it provides emotional indicators, fundamental perceptions including earnings expectations, interest rate forecasts, as well as buzz metrics that indicate how market-moving topics are being discussed across the web.

Indicators are updated every minute for individual global equities and indices, countries, commodities, and currencies, which can easily be translated directly into dashboards or statistical tools or can be plugged straight into your algorithms for rapid investment and asset allocation decisions. The indices are delivered as real-time data series that can easily be incorporated into your analysis and decision processes.

Machine Readable News (MRN)

Take action before the market moves with the industry’s most advanced service for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news and social media. It delivers deep historical news archives, ultra-low latency structured news and leading edge news analytics directly to applications. This enables algorithms to exploit the power of news and social media to help you seize opportunities, capitalize on market inefficiencies and manage event risk.