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Reuters is the world’s leading provider of news and financial insight, reaching over one billion people globally every day.

Our award-winning team publishes near 2.5 million articles every year, covering more than 41,000 companies around the world. This spans every global asset class, including equities, foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income, alternative investments, and real estate.

From market-moving scoops and exclusive interviews to investigative reports and agenda-setting commentary, Reuters goes beyond breaking financial market news to offer analysis and viewpoints that help you drive better financial decisions.

Content and features

International Financing Review (IFR)

Stay informed with the leading source of global capital markets news, analysis and intelligence including expert and exclusive commentary, forecasting and special reports.

Reuters Breakingviews

The world's leading source of agenda-setting, predictive financial insight. Every day, you can benefit from commentary and in-depth analysis on the key financial stories as they break, including major economic and business news, monetary and fiscal policy, M&A, capital markets, commodities and energy.

Reuters Investor Briefs

Profit from a searchable archive of crucial, market-moving events with Reuters Investor Briefs. Provided in near real-time from news wires, journals, and conference call scripts, over 2 million Reuters Investor Briefs have been captured since 2000 spanning more than 55k global companies. Intelligent tagging of significant developments enables effective filtering and screening on 26 topics including M&A, IPOs, financial outlooks and officer changes.

FX Buzz

Concise commentary, technical analysis and trade ideas – ex-markets professionals cover major currencies & NDFs.

Stocks Buzz

Sophisticated analysis of equity markets and coverage of hot stocks and sectors in a concise, easy-to-read format.

Reuters Insider

In-depth video commentary and analysis from Reuters and more than 50 financial information providers to provide you with news and insight on the latest trends and issues affecting the global markets.

Reuters Summits

Reuters Summits are a direct link to on-the-record news and views from top CEOs, central bank heads, government leaders, regulators and investors in a given industry, country or region.

Reuters Domestic News

Through breaking news and insight, our domestic news service meets the information needs of the local financial and business communities, as well as foreign professionals with an economic interest in the country or region.  We bring you context, background and analysis in all areas, enabling you to stay informed and make sense of the fast-changing world of business and finance and those factors that impact it. The services are rich in unique local content like exclusive interviews, polls on financial markets and economic issues, previews of corporate results, as well as many commentary pieces.