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Breaking financial market news from Reuters and leading third-party sources.

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Thomson Reuters does more than just deliver financial news feeds. We open the door to more opportunities, thanks to an unmatched depth and breadth of breaking financial market news, market-moving exclusives, investigative reports and insights.

Incorporating industry-leading Reuters news with 400 real-time global sources and newswires, over 6,000 global and regional sources, and hundreds of Web sources you have the full coverage you need.

You also have easy access to all this powerful content through a variety of delivery mechanisms. These include desktop solutions like Eikon and Thomson One, and machine-readable news via Elektron feeds and News Feed Direct.

Be the first to act on key financial news, economic alerts and political events that drive global markets.

News & Insight

Award-winning Reuters news

Tap into one of the world’s leading providers of breaking financial and political news and insight across asset classes, including equities, foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income, alternative investments, and real estate. With thousands of market-moving exclusives each year, you get the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

Third-party news and financial newswires

With our third-party news and financial newswires you have access to 400 real-time sources, over 6,000 active global sources of near real-time and archive news publications and hundreds of Web sources from across the globe to give you extra insight and help you to act first.

News Analytics and MarketPsych Indices

Our news sentiment analysis tools offer the industry’s leading delivery of structured company news, ultra-low latency economic releases, and news and social media analytics – all optimized for feed delivery into your applications so you can turn unstructured data into actionable insight.

Ipsos Primary Consumer Sentiment Index

Use Thomson Reuters Ipsos Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (PCSI) data to integrate consumer sentiment data into your investment decisions.

Capital Markets Insight

We deliver trusted, authoritative market intelligence and analysis on the global bond, loan and equity capital markets from sources including IFR, PFI and LPC, through a variety of channels, including print, desktop (both stand-alone and on Thomson Reuters Eikon) and feed products.

FX Buzz

The exclusive FX news service that offers actionable forex commentary and analysis throughout the day – delivered by a team of expert Reuters analysts, with no news duplication, just exclusive, immediate and granular analysis.