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Forward-looking economic indicators

Power your analysis and uncover unique insights with an extensive range of confidence indicators and global economic forecasts.

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Thomson Reuters forward looking data gives you the long-term forecasts of economic indicators you need to analyze, plan and make decisions confidently.

Our forward-looking economic indicators give you unprecedented access to consensus opinions from business economists, strategists and planners, buy and sell side analysts, and academia.

Indices of consumer and business confidence help you to be more prepared for turns in markets, and to ensure you stay ahead of the game and the competition.

Content and features

Indicator forecasts

Analyze trends confidently with forecasts from leading economic consultancies and official organizations including the Economist Intelligence Unit, Consensus Economics, Oxford Economics, Blue Chip Economic Indicators, the IMF, European Commission, and OECD. These datasets provide short and long-term projections of key indicators across the world’s economies.

Anticipate economic events and potential market reactions with near-term projections on 700+ global market-moving indicators from Reuters Polls.  Our partner Fathom Consulting provides you with forecasts and proprietary risk measures, such as the Macroeconomic Policy Indicator, to ensure that you can be one step ahead in your decision-making.

Expectation surveys

Be prepared for turns in the markets with surveys from our partners, including Ipsos Consumer Sentiment indices, MNI Indicators’ Consumer and Business Sentiment, and Markit Economics Purchasing Managers’ Indices.

For individual markets, you can assess local sentiment and expectations from a range of in-country research institutes and agencies. These include the UK Confederation of Business, Japan’s Cabinet Office and Tankan, The Conference Board in the U.S., and Westpac and NAB in Australia. You can also evaluate business confidence indices for EU member countries by broad industry sector.

Forward-looking economic indicators

Leading global economic forecasts

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