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Contribute data to our global network, and we’ll distribute your content to thousands of trading, investment, financial and corporate professionals around the world.

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Expand your business with the Thomson Reuters Contributions Channel

The Thomson Reuters Global Contributions Channel connects over 10,000 capital markets & advisory desks, OTC sales & trading desks, sell-side research firms and buy-side fund management institutions to their customers worldwide. Thomson Reuters contributed content is distributed through an integrated suite of market intelligence and transaction platforms centered around Thomson Reuters Eikon, reaching tens of thousands of buy-side and sell-side professionals worldwide.

Contributed Data

Over-the-counter pricing

Join the 4,800 sell-side desks worldwide who contribute prices on over seven million instruments traded over the counter – a real-time dataset that distinguishes Thomson Reuters Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, and Commodities & Energy desktop and feeds propositions from others in the industry.

Why contribute?

  • Service existing clients: reach a critical mass of existing clients using Thomson Reuters products.
  • Grow your business: access new customers easily through the Thomson Reuters footprint.
  • Leverage our ready-made distribution infrastructure: save from having to build your own price-distribution technology.

Syndicated loans

Join the hundreds of banking syndication desks, law firms, and finance companies worldwide that have contributed more than 300,000 primary loan facilities (including 200,000 active facilities and counting) through the Thomson Reuters contributions channel.

Why contribute?

  • Ensure full coverage of your firm’s deal flow in the Thomson Reuters League Table Rankings – the industry standard barometer of deal leadership worldwide, distributed to leading global media partners and followed closely by loan-market participants.
  • Access deal underliers and market analytics provided directly to contributors.
  • Enjoy an all-access pass to market insight through survey results, market roundtables, and policy-setting discussions through exclusive contributor relationships with Thomson Reuters contribution analysts.

Sell-side research

Join over 1,300 sell-side and independent research firms actively servicing their clients by contributing research and estimates data to Thomson Reuters via our market-leading real-time and embargoed research collections.

Contributed research documents cover equities, fixed income, economics, and commodities, and our broker-contributed earnings estimates and KPI content cover 22,000 listed companies worldwide.

Why contribute?

  • Entitle your clients to access your research in real time from a universe of over 60,000 buy-side professionals in 13,000 firms and 7,500 corporations worldwide.
  • Embargoed research distribution allows you to reach more than 2,000 investment banking, consulting and law firms, and corporations globally.
  • Gain recognition for equities analyst earnings estimates and recommendation performance via StarMine ratings/awards programs.

Lipper Funds

Ensure that your funds’ holdings and performance are fully covered within Lipper’s database of more than 120,000 funds and 240,000 share classes contributed by hundreds of leading fund-management companies worldwide.

Lipper is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for fund-performance content for professional and individual investors alike.

Why contribute?

  • Global distribution and dissemination of fund information (holdings and performance) through the Lipper distribution network to hundreds of thousands of customers/prospects (professional and individual investors) worldwide to power fund selection decision-making.
  • Independent/unbiased fund benchmarking through Lipper Leaders ratings, Lipper Fund Awards, and media partnerships worldwide.
  • Valuable peer holdings and performance intelligence.
  • Response to investor-driven transparency requirements amidst evolving regulation (Solvency II).

Mergers and acquisitions / Equity new issues

Join the hundreds of deal-making firms worldwide who contribute Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity New Issues dealflow to Thomson Reuters League Tables through the Thomson Reuters contributions channel – powering the industry’s largest database of investment banking deals, spanning over 1.2 million M&A and ECM transactions announced since the early 1980s.

Why contribute?

  • Be part of League Table Rankings: advisors contribute deal-flow to ensure comprehensive coverage and recognition in the Thomson Reuters League Tables, viewed as the industry-standard measure of deal leadership for the global investment banking industry.
  • Gain deal-making exposure via the Thomson Reuters Media Network: Deals and League Tables content is featured by tier-one media outlets worldwide and exclusive relationships with the Financial Times, The New York Times, International Financing Review (IFR), and The Globe & Mail.

Private equity

Contribute your firm’s investment activity to the pioneering provider of private equity and venture capital transaction information to the global alternative investment community, with history dating to the late 1960s.

Hundreds of active private equity and venture capital firms worldwide leverage the Thomson Reuters contributions channel each quarter, powering our database of 266,000 global investments and associated fundraising and portfolio exit activity.

Why contribute?

  • Market your deal activity and holdings in Thomson Reuters products and reports published worldwide

    • The PwC/NVCA MoneyTree™ Report — a staple for entrepreneurs, the finance community, government policymakers, and the business press
    • Canadian statistics published by The Globe & Mail, the leading news providers in Toronto
    • Australian statistics included in the AVCAL Annual Report, distributed to all market participants nationwide
  • Survey participants receive statistics prepared exclusively for contributors highlighting key macro- and micro-market drivers
  • Receive discounted pricing on Thomson Reuters Private Equity Product Offerings for contributing

Fixed income new issues

Join the hundreds of bond syndication desks worldwide who contribute Fixed Income New Issues through the Thomson Reuters contributions channel – comprising 9.3 million fixed income securities issued by corporations, governments, agencies, and financial issuers in more than 120 markets worldwide.

Included are straight bonds, money-market instruments, mortgage and asset backed securities, and municipals.

Why contribute?

  • League Table Rankings ensure complete coverage of firm deal flow in Thomson Reuters Industry Standard League Tables, monitored closely by Issuers and Investors worldwide to measure deal leadership in all segments of the DCM marketplace
  • Deal “publication” through the Thomson Reuters Fixed Income content-distribution platform, accessed by hundreds of thousands of buy- and sell-side financial markets professionals worldwide to monitor new issues coming to market, analyze bonds and underwriter strength, and set up trades in advance of launch