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ESG research data

A rich source of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research data, fully integrated into your workflow for in-depth, socially responsible investment analysis.

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Thomson Reuters provides structured and standardized ESG research data, at a time when responding to issues like climate change and executive remuneration can be as important as traditional financial metrics when evaluating corporate performance.

Our comprehensive ESG database contains information on over 7,000+ global companies and over 400 metrics, including all exclusion (ethical screening) criteria and all aspects of sustainability performance.

The data is gathered from publicly available information sources and is manually collected to ensure that the information is standardized, comparable and reliable.  All of the ESG data collected is quality controlled and verified in a rigorous process by our experienced analysts and robust automated checks.

Content and features

Integrated ESG data

ESG data integrated into Eikon enhances your workflow by allowing you to easily include ESG considerations into the investment decision process.

Global coverage

Screen your global equity and fixed income holdings, accessing data on over 7,000+ companies with the longest comprehensive data history across E, S and G.

ESG Scores

Our ESG Scores are designed to transparently and objectively measure company’s relative ESG performance across 10 themes based on company reported data and ESG controversies sourced from global media.

ESG Indices 

Mitigate and assess the risk of companies against ESG factors, and help socially responsible investors to navigate around ESG risks with ESG Indices.

Raw data download to Microsoft Excel

Import any of our 400+ metrics straight into Excel with a few clicks

Ethical exclusion datapoints

Perform your ethical compliance screening on a range of criteria like alcohol, armaments and gambling.

News and controversies

Screen companies for controversies published in the media on a wide range of ESG themes or topics.

Templates and customization

Download ready-made templates via the Datastream Sample Sheets.

Leverage SASB’s Materiality Standards to find opportunities and manage risks

Sustainability Insights and Trends from TruValue Labs’ Insight360 SASB on Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Comprehensive, relevant and timely insights for Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) and extra-financial investment strategies.

Insight360 applies the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) ESG Materiality Framework to find opportunities and manage risks. Insight360 combines the power of TruValue Labs’ timely ESG insights with Thomson Reuters’ robust set of ESG data, all filtered by the SASB materiality standards. 

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Insight360 SASB provides analysts and investment managers continuously updated, relevant, material data and scores for 8,000+ public companies worldwide.  Data is collected from more than 75,000 sources to provide insights and analysis for positive and negative portfolio filtering and company monitoring with transparency into the underlying data.

Markets and industries


Thomson Reuters ESG data provide the greatest depth and breadth of content in the industry to support a wide variety of research projects.

Asset management

Screen your global equities and fixed income holding or benchmark your portfolio based on granular ESG data or composite ratings and charting templates.


To analyze and compare their data against peers to gain better understanding of how they are perceived by investors and the general public.

Investment banking and advisory

Gain insights into the corporate structures and performance of the largest companies worldwide.


ESG research data

For in-depth ESG research

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