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Deals Business Intelligence

Turn deals data into actionable strategic planning information with our business intelligence analysis.

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Designed for strategy and business planning groups in investment banks, Deals Business Intelligence is a dynamic business intelligence analysis and reporting application.

With native connectivity to the underlying data source, it enables you to make updates directly in Excel, viewing your changes instantly.

The tool leverages Thomson Reuters breadth and depth of deals content and Freeman Consulting's industry-leading fee algorithm, to provide you with unparalleled insight into the market and companies to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Content and features

Unrivaled insights and monitoring capabilities 

Quickly conduct market analysis and identify trends across products, industries, regions, and sectors. Monitor competitors’ gains and losses in market share and imputed earned fees, and benefit from detailed deals analysis and evaluation capabilities. 

Identify opportunities and generate ideas 

Benchmark your firm's performance, target clients and allocate resources more effectively, generating ideas and assessing options for new business opportunities. 

One-stop shop

Thomson Reuters offers Deals products meeting all needs in the deal-making workflow, including business strategy and resource planning, aggregate trend-spotting, news, league table rankings, company information and granular deal-level analysis.

A comprehensive deals database

Thomson Reuters M&A content covers over 1 million deals, including 300,000+ US target and 700,000+ non-US target transactions. Conduct global deal analytics and market volume analysis against well over 2.5m transactions announced in 225 nations since the 1970s.

Markets and industries

Investment banking and advisory

Monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning with Thomson Reuters, the trusted global media partner.

Deals Business Intelligence

Business intelligence analysis and investment tables

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