From developed to emerging markets, research company financials confidently with Thomson Reuters Fundamentals.

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With over 35 years’ experience of collecting and publishing company fundamentals, we cover 99% of the world's market cap.

Our content provides you with the current financial health of a company and - when combined historically - the financial life story of the company. It saves time and differentiate your models, with hard to find segment data, operating metrics and extensive footnote items.

Select the viewing format you prefer, whether standardized or as-reported. Click-thru functionality, meanwhile, saves you time in verifying information by bringing the calculation, source filing and actual financial figure from the filing directly to you.

Content and features

Deep history and comprehensive financial data

Analyze a company's performance in regard to business cycles using historical data back to 1980. Financial content includes information from the main statements and footnotes, segment data, industry KPI’s as well as derived data and ratios.

The broadest company coverage

Encompasses over 88,000 companies (58,000+ active and 30,000+ inactive) traded in more than 164 exchanges in over 120 countries, representing more than 99% of the world’s market cap. Coverage includes fastest growing frontier markets not covered by the competition.

Standardized and as-reported data

Company-specific, aka “as-reported” data, with links to the source document facilitates deep company analysis. Links to standardized data, providing audit trail.

Detailed and consistent standardized financials

With company financials history back to 1980 for US and 1995 for non-US, Thomson Reuters Fundamentals provides excellent comparability across companies - essential for screening, and supporting peer analysis.

Differentiating content

Includes industry specific metrics covering 15 industries, with annual history back to 1997. Provides a more focused benchmark to measure performance, and helps improve and differentiate models.

Markets and industries

Investment banking and advisory

Better understand global company financials or a company's financial life story with Thomson Reuters Fundamentals.


Reliable company financials

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